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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for the  weekly discussion sections I taught for the undergraduate history class “The Holcaust: History and Memory”  under the supervision of Prof. Devin Naar (University of Washington, Spring 2013).

In this class,  students explored the roots of the Holocaust drawing on the following secondary sources:

Donald Niewyk. The Holocaust: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation. Cengage Learning: Boston, MA, 2002. (pp. 24-38)

Lesson Plan2
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In this class, students explored the concepts of victim, perpetrator, and bystander. They also engaged with Primo Levi’s concept of the Gray Zone. In preparation for the class, they read passages from the following books:

Primo Levi. The Drowned and the Saved. Little, Brown and Company: New York City, NY, 2013. (pp. 37-68)

Lesson Plan4
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This is a syllabus for an undergraduate world history class I taught inside the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, WA for University Beyond Bars and accredited by Seattle Central Collge. (2016)

HIST 128 World Civilizations Syllabus
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This is the syllabus for an undergraduate Latin American History I taught at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. (2015)

HSTLAC 285 Latin American Historty through Film
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